• Is the Sno Trac for recreational or commercial use?
    Both uses are appropriate.

  • What kind of conditions will a Sno Trac operate in?
    Snow conditions are primary but Sno Trac can operate on most of earth's surfaces.

  • Who can operate a Sno Trac?
    Almost anyone. Sno Trac was designed for simplicity of operation. Do you need special certification or training? No certificate is required. As your experience and confidence increase you become a more competent operator – much like learning to drive a car. 

  • What is the best way to store your Sno Trac in winter and summer?
    In either winter or summer a garage is preferable if available, but Sno Trac may be stored outdoors. The owners handbook provides additional material regarding storage.

  • How fast will a Sno Trac go?
    22mph depending on conditions and terrain.

  • Can a Sno Trac be used in the backcountry?

  • What is the lifespan of a Sno Trac?
    Depends on type and severity of usage and the level of maintenance.

  • Do you need any additional accessories to start operating a Sno Trac?
    The ability to transport Sno Trac to the area you intend to operate, safety gear including appropriate clothing, gloves, shovel, fuel, food, etc.

  • Does the Sno Trac come with a trailer?
    Currently, Sno Trac does not come with a trailer and trailers are not currently sold separately. Trailers may be offered in the future depending on demand.
    If not, what size trailer is required to transport it?
    Most trailers designed to haul small autos with an unobstructed deck width of 6’6”, a deck length 12’ or longer, preferably with tandem axels, trailer brakes and a weight capacity of 4’000 lbs. or greater.