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Sno Trac Snow Cat Made in USA

About Us

The Sno Trac is manufactured in the beautiful mountains of North Idaho, USA. The Sno Trac is a new and improved version of the 1950’s Aktiv Snow Trac snow vehicle by Lars Larsson which he initially designed to access a winter cabin he owned with his brother.


Larsson’s machine included tracks and was powered by a Volkswagen engine and a Volkswagen transaxle. For ease of operation and control, he designed a steering system he named “Variator”; that utilized a conventional steering wheel, as well as a clutch, brake, and throttle pedals - allowing it to operate in a manner similar to a small car.


In its 25 years of production, Snow Trac’s uses expanded to include the mining, energy, oil and gas industries, telecommunications, recreation, search and rescue, military forces including NATO, Arctic and Antarctic research, and ranching.


TFT- Sno Trac, LLC was formed in April 2013 to develop and manufacture a new version of the Snow Trac that utilizes modern components and newer manufacturing processes, resulting in “Sno Trac”. This modern-day, emissions-compliant snow machine houses a Kubota diesel engine, a hydrostatic drive, and a single joystick operating control making it far easier to operate than Snow Trac. There are no brake, clutch or throttle pedals. To operate, simply start the engine and utilize the joystick to control the speed, forward, reverse, turn, and braking functions.

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