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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Sno Trac?
    Simply put, a Sno Trac is a multi-passenger snow vehicle that will take you to places that cannot be accessed by other means. Sno Trac is designed for both recreational and professional purposes.
  • Where are Sno Tracs manufactured?
    Sno Tracs are proudly manufactured in beautiful, rugged North Idaho, USA.
  • How heavy is a Sno Trac?
    Sno Tracs weigh 3,400 pounds.
  • What are the dimensions of a Sno Trac?
    The Sno Trac is 140 inches long (355.6 cm), 76 inches wide (193 cm), and 84 inches tall (213.4 cm). The track width is 18 inches (45.7 cm).
  • Can I put a winch on a Sno Trac?
    Yes. There are 2-inch receivers on the front and rear of the chassis to which a winch can be attached.
  • Are there any accessories you can buy with the Sno Trac?
    No, not currently. However, all Sno Tracs come with a toolbox and side racks for storing gear.
  • Does a Sno Trac have any custom options?
    Currently, our only custom option includes color. While our standard colors may be more readily available, you may purchase a Sno Trac in your color of choice. All colors are possible.
  • Do you offer a roof rack for the Sno Trac?
    Not currently.
  • Does it have a block heater?
    Yes, the Sno Trac has a block heater.
  • What is the top speed?
    Sno Trac’s top speed is 14 mph (22.53 kph).
  • What is the fuel capacity?
    Sno Trac’s fuel capacity is 16 US Gallons (60.57 liters).
  • Is the cab heated?
    Yes, the cab is heated front to back for all your back-country adventures.
  • What size trailer does the Sno Trac fit on?
    Trailering a Sno Trac is made easy with its low weight of 3,400 pounds and the tiedown points both front and rear. A Sno Trac can be loaded onto a trailer, strapped down, and on the road in just a few minutes. Sno Trac fits a standard trailer; the minimum trailer requirements are a deck size of 12 feet long by 6.5 feet and a 2 ton carrying capacity.
  • What kind of distances can a Sno Trac travel?
    This can vary greatly depending on loads and other factors. For context, the Sno Trac can run for about 8 hours fully loaded and at full capacity. With lighter loads and easier traveling conditions a tank of fuel can last much longer. Pro tip: Load the Sno Trac’s side racks with a couple of 5-gallon gas tanks to fuel your quest with no interruptions.
  • How many passengers can a Sno Trac transport?
    Including the driver, the Sno Trac can transport up to 7 people.
  • Can a Sno Trac be used for snow removal?
    Not currently. We do not recommend putting a snowplow on the Sno Trac.
  • Can a Sno Trac be used in areas without snow?
    Although bare patches are no problem, Sno Trac is primarily intended for snow. The hydraulic and cooling systems are geared toward use in lower ambient temperatures. The Sno Trac can travel in shallow mud, but not too deep.
  • How much weight can a Sno Trac pull?
    This can vary depending on use.
  • How deep of snow can a Sno Trac go in?
    Dominate the snow in any depth with Sno Trac. It is designed to travel through any snow conditions.
  • How steep of a hill can a Sno Trac climb?
    Start driving and see what happens. Sno Trac is made to travel where other vehicles are not able to. It can be operated on a 30% grade, but it is important to use common sense whenever operating the vehicle.
  • Who is buying Sno Trac?
    Sno Trac was designed with both recreational and professional purposes in mind. Winter-weather enthusiasts, ski resorts, ranches, surveyors, winter activity tour companies, search and rescue, utility companies, snowcat skiers, and more are among our valued clients.
  • How much can the side rack rails hold?
    The side racks are 10.5 inches wide (26.7 cm) by 6 feet long (182.9 cm) on both sides. The racks can hold whatever you are toting including duffle bags, strap skis, gasoline, ice fishing gear, etc. They are not made for standing on.
  • Is the Sno Trac for recreational or for commercial use?
    Both. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination. The Sno Trac can be used for everything from search and rescue to snowcat skiing. Ski resorts, ranches, surveyors, winter tour companies, utility companies, and all winter-weather enthusiasts will enjoy Sno Trac.
  • What kind of conditions will a Sno Trac operate in?
    The Sno Trac operates best in lower ambient temperatures. Cold days and below-freezing temps are the vehicle’s favorite conditions.
  • Who can operate a Sno Trac?
    The Sno Trac is simple to learn how to operate. It does not require significant knowledge or training.
  • Can a Sno Trac pull out a broken-down snowmobile?
    Yes. When other winter vehicles fail, the Sno Trac can still dominate the snow.
  • How has the Sno Trac been tested?
    The Sno Trac is a modern iteration of the tried and proven Aktiv Snow Trac from Sweden. We have extensively tested the prototype machines for two winters on a variety of terrains and operating conditions, up to 3 feet of snow, on hills, on dry dirt, and during the heat of summer on pavement.
  • How hard is it to get a Sno Trac stuck?
    Try for yourself; we would love to see it. Sno Trac is made for snow and rugged conditions, however, it is always important to use common sense and situational awareness to prevent such situations.
  • How often do Sno Tracs need maintenance?
    The vehicle requires basic maintenance. It is important to always be aware of oil level, coolant level, track tension, grease and hydraulic fluid, and tire pressure.
  • How can I get a Sno Trac serviced?
    Sno Trac is built to last, yet easy to operate and work on. General maintenance can be done by any competent person. Repairs can be done in most repair shops by any technician with knowledge of tractors or snowmobiles. The Kubota motor is easy to work on and easy to get replacement parts for.
  • What is the best way to store your Sno Trac in winter and summer?
    For the best experience, it is recommended to store your Sno Trac in a warm, dry space, such as a garage. If it is stored outdoors, we recommend keeping a broom on hand to sweep off snow and a spray bottle of windshield anti-freeze in case of frost.
  • How can I buy a Sno Trac?
    Ready to dominate the snow? Contact us at or 1-208-267-9500 for purchasing inquiries.
  • How much does a Sno Trac cost?
    The Sno Trac costs $85,000.
  • How quickly can I get my Sno Trac?
    Production is currently limited. If there are not any available, the lead time is usually less than a year.
  • Does it have a warranty?
    Yes. The Sno Trac machine comes with a 3-year limited warranty for all proprietary Sno Trac parts, and the engine is warrantied by Kubota for 3 years. Contact us for more details.
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